Classification of Triggers for Anxiety in Juniors

It’s also important to remember that self-care can be done by anyone, not just women. Also, this form of self-care doesn’t have to be complicated and expensive. You can exercise, watch your favorite movie, or get a good night’s sleep. When feelings of sadness or depression hit, many people choose to be alone under the pretext of calming themselves down. Sometimes it’s okay. However, if this goes on long enough without a wise handling mechanism, over time it will make the situation worse. You can look for alternatives to CBD and anxiety to treat your anxiety.

If you’ve ever been or are in this position, it’s a good idea to distract yourself by being productive or keeping yourself busy. Start by getting involved in campus activities, completing assignments, or hanging out with friends. Having status as a student is certainly no stranger to the term “ambitious student must be perfect. Being ambitious is not wrong. However, the burden of courses each semester can overwhelm you and increase the risk of feeling anxious. Not to mention the many assignments and if you are the type of student with a lot of activities. Keep in mind, no one knows your abilities as well as yourself. For that, it’s good to be realistic in making every decision so that later it doesn’t burden you. Recognizing anxiety triggers can help you manage symptoms. Usually, these triggers are related to lifestyle such as habits of drinking caffeine or staying up late. In addition, anxiety triggers in students can come from various factors, such as a deep longing for parents, for example.

Most campuses have guidance and counseling programs to help students cope with problems involving mental health. The program itself generally includes learning support, mental health services, and peer counseling. You can find out information related to guidance and counseling on the campus official website or directly to the campus health center. Once it feels right, make an appointment for a counseling session. There is nothing wrong with seeking mental support by consulting an expert.

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